Whether you work from home or the office, one of the most significant parts of our day is still going to bed. You brush your teeth, get into comfy pyjamas and reach out for your regular moisturiser. But wait, is that moisturiser a night cream? Many people think that it doesn’t matter and that night creams are just a marketing tactic. There are two types of cream via. Day cream & Night cream.

Day creams are meant for use during the daytime when you are likely to be exposed to the sun’s rays, day cream’s main purpose is to protect your skin from the elements and dirt and pollutants your skin encounters daily, day creams generally have a light formulation and may serve multiple purposes like a BB cream, tinted moisturiser, and sunscreen. On the other hand, night creams like the Neem Anti-Acne Face Night Cream by Komb is one such cream. The combination of Neem, salicylic acid, carrot oil, almond oil and more make it a perfect cream for healing your skin from within, reducing causes of acne, and removing their scars. The skin undergoes maximum cell repair and rejuvenation during nighttime, so this is when all those ingredients are most needed.

Acne is a common concern faced by many of us. However, the most basic cause of acne is excessive oil production on our skin. The accumulation of dirt, dust particles, pollutants, dead skin cells, etc stick to the oil and clog skin pores causing acne breakouts. People with oily skin face this more often than not. People with dry skin get clogged pores when dead skin accumulates in them.

Cleaning your face twice is important and exfoliating once or twice a week is recommended. The night time is the best for your skin to be effective and for that you need the most is a healthy night cream with antibacterial properties that reduces acne on your skin and prevents further breakouts. Use this every night before you sleep for healthy, acne-free, clear skin.

There are various night creams to choose from to keep in mind your skin type and your specific skin requirements. We present to you KOMB out Natural ingredient night cream with anti-aging benefits that also provide added glow and help in fighting acne problems. You can trust KOMB natural ingredient products for your acne related issues.