If you or any of your loved ones, are starting a magnificent beard, you will need at least some basic help, you can differentiate good beard oils by their basic essential oils, most of them are based on combinations of jojoba, argon, olive and coconut oil with few secret tweaks to the specific recipes.

Why is Beard oil important?

  • It softens and nourishes the facial hairs.
  • It has a pleasant & manly scent.
  • Nourishes the skin and prevents itching.
  • Every oil is properly mixed and natural, so you can pretty much choose based on the scent alone.

Factors before choosing the Beard Oil -

Scent- The aroma is quite important before choosing a beard oil as the oil you choose will stay under your nose the whole day. Some prefer strong scents while others go for more subtle scents.

Packaging- Oil comes in many sizes like 10ml to 250ml. If you are new you should stick with smaller batches first.

Price- It is the major factor before buying the beard oil as prices differ for different manufacturers. You can start with KOMB Beard oil which costs around Rs. 449/-. Although price should not be your first and only thing to consider.

Hair Type- Check whether your beard hairs are dry, oily or coarse. Choose according to your product which helps in overall grooming and care of your beard.

Environment- Weather plays a very vital role here, if you work or live in dry conditions then your hairs will be dry and need to apply regular oil in order to keep them silky and nice.

Feel- Preferably your beard should feel fresh, soft and comfortable after applying oil, not sticky, thick or matted.

Hopefully, this gave you some insights into choosing the best oil for your beard’s needs, If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you to try KOMB Beard oil which is available on WWW.GETKOMB.COM